I have learned the hard way
that gambling only leads

Consciuto ho già per prova
che giocando ogn’un si trova
alla fine in povertà.

O gods, do you not know any other happiness
Than eternal indifference?

Dieux ! ne connaissez-vous d’autre félicité, Qu’une éternelle indifférence

Let’s swap!

Troquons, troquons

The supreme power of love
should never alarm you.

De l’Amour le pouvoir suprême
Ne doit jamais vour alarmer.

Come back to me, I was mistaken:
My heart is yours, take it!

Rends-toi, j'ai reconnu ma faute,

Reprends mon cœur!

Sunday March 27th, 3:00 PM
Bailey Hall, Cornell University
Free Admission

What happiness!

Quelle allégresse!

A Contemporary Mash-Up From An Unforgettable Year 

It’s 1753 and the audiences at the Paris Opera are embroiled in passionate arguments over musical style.  Who will prevail in this “Quarrel of the Buffoons”? The Queen’s arriviste Italians, with their vulgar but sparkling intermezzi? Or the King’s official French troupe with its mythological stories and expressive ballet?  Could the upstart Opéra Comique convince the two factions to find harmony?  Find out with 

The Pleasures of the Quarrel, a mash-up of three memorable operas from this contentious operatic year!


Not To Be Missed!

Before the performance on March 27, join us for these additional free events.

From Monday, February


9:00 AM

Ongoing Exhibit
Cox Library of Music and Dance

An exhibit of 18th-century scores, librettos, and visual materials.

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Saturday, March


Pop-Up Exhibit
Carl A. Kroch Library

An exhibit drawing on the Kroch Library's 18th-century collections.

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Thursday, March


Midday Music
Lincoln Hall, B20

Enjoy a preview of The Pleasures of the Quarrel.

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Sunday, March


Pre-Performance Talk
Bailey Hall

Join us for a pre-concert talk with Rebecca Harris-Warrick.

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12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

12:30 to 1:15 PM

2:00 PM

Sunday, March


3:00 PM

The Pleasures of The Quarrel
Bailey Hall

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Join us for The Pleasures of the Quarrel, a one-day only, never-before-seen operatic event.  The performance will last 90 minutes without intermission.  Free admission, no tickets required.  Audience members must adhere to Cornell’s COVID-19 regulations.

Rows of Classical Columns

Titon et l’Aurore

Jean-Joseph de Mondonville

Prometheus defies the gods by stealing fire from the heavens and bringing humans to life.  The god of Love arrives to ensure that the newly animated mortals will enjoy life’s pleasures.

Poker Chips

Il Giocatore

Giovanni Maria Orlandini and Pietro Auletta

Baccocco and Serpilla are forever quarreling.  He swears to her that he will never gamble again, but she refuses his excuses and demands a divorce—until she remembers the pleasures they once shared.


Les Troqueurs

Antoine Dauvergne

Lubin is not so sure that he wants to marry Margot after all; maybe his friend’s fiancée Fanchon, who has a sweeter temper, is more to his liking?  Lucas and Lubin agree to swap, but the two women are not convinced, even though they pretend to go along.  An entertaining ballet celebrates the surprise resolution to the conflict.